#AtoZChallenge: Zee end!

Okay, I might be cheating a bit with this last entry. I was thinking that while the A to Z Challenge is coming to an end, and April for that matter, spring is beginning to rock!

Weeks ago, I saw our pair of foxes romping through the backyard, playing in the tall grass and pausing to eat something. Since it was probably a squirrel or rabbit or other cute, furry creature, I didn’t want to dwell too much on the circle of life. I was just glad to see that the foxes were back again this year.

For the past five years, at least, the momma fox  has had (at least) two kits and when she is weaning them, she brings them to our backyard for our viewing pleasure. Our neighbors and I think that she had two litters last year.

For the past week or two, I haven’t seen them so I’m thinking, hoping really, that she’s had her kits and that we’ll soon see those furry, sweet babes out our backyard window again.

Our dog, Hershey, knows what “fox” means and when he hears the word, he goes to the back window and begins barking. So, it’s a challenge to get photos of the foxes without drawing attention to them. We are now in the habit of spelling “f-o-x” but I think he’s catching on. If I go out onto the deck, he’ll bark. So, I try and get the best photos I can from inside the kitchen, out the window.

There are other delights coming soon – the arrival of the hummingbirds and we’ve been blessed to see a pair of barred owls. We’ve also had the following visitors in the spring and summer: turtles the size of dinner plates, our resident groundhog, deer, a coyote or two, raccoons, etc. We live on the north side of town but we back up to a creek so it’s a bit like living in the country. And the lush foliage welcomes them all.

What will you look forward to, now that the A to Z Challenge is over? How will you keep the joy and momentum of your blogs going? Will you continue to visit your favorites? I hope to!


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    Last day of the A to Z. Yipee! 🙂 Spring has sprung here, too and there’s a chocolate lab named ‘Hershey’ curled up beside me. ♥ Is yours a lab as well?

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      He’s part shepherd and either lab or Rottweiler. Labs are awesome dogs. Nice name, too!

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    We did make it to the end, and have May and all of summer to enjoy!
    PS I don’t think Zee End is cheating at all, says Zsa Zsa! 🙂

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    We had a fox wander into our yard for the first time earlier this month. They are beautiful animals. If my dog had seen it, he would have barked like Hershey. He’s our little alarm system. WeekendsInMaine

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    I have only seen foxes in zoos.
    Thank you for regularly dropping by my blog. Congrats on finishing the A to Z Challenge. Every post was wonderful

    A to Z Reflections: Looking Back In Time

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      Best wishes to you on your continued blogging success! Hope you have a good week.

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    Diane, What cute little critters! I can imagine your mixed feelings. You teach Hershey to understand human words but when he picks up the spelling…well, it’s like the moment your kids aren’t little anymore and realize you can’t hide secrets so easily anymore. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “Z” (Zebras) and congrats for reaching Zee End! 😉

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      Thanks for visiting by blog! You are so right about realizing that our pets/kids are growing up. Hershey just celebrated his 7th birthday and it dawned on me that he’s getting older. I can’t imagine life without him. He’s been such an integral part for me and my husband.

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    How cool to see foxes in your backyard. Well, at least where you are. In the urban setting where I am I’d be kind of freaked to see a fox in my tiny walled in back yard. I see lizards now and then, but that’s about the extent of it.

    Congratulations on reaching “zee end” of A to Z. Thanks for participating in the 2017 Challenge. Enjoy all of the wildlife to come!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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      Thanks for visiting! Lizards – do they ever get in the house? I’ve stayed at hotels in Florida and have seen them in the shower/bathroom area. Eek! They are cute but not when they sneak up on you! I just love the A to Z Challenge. It’s so encouraging and I enjoy discovering new blogs to visit throughout the rest of the year. Thanks for your contribution and hard work. Have a great weekend.

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        Never had any lizards in the house in our 20 years living here. I have had lizards in hotel rooms though like you’ve experienced.

        Arlee Bird
        Tossing It Out

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    This is my first time here. I’ve followed your blog and will connect with you online. Bravo to you to have completed Lee’s A to Z Challenge. I still need to try this. Family obligations always seem to get in the way.
    All the best to you.

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      Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve really enjoyed the A-Z challenge, although it is a “challenge” for me to get my posts done. I’ve met a lot of neat bloggers through it. Have a great rest of the weekend. Happy writing!

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