Celebrate the small things: Insecure Writer’s Support Group

balloon-25734CTST: This week I am celebrating having joined a group of writers called the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. It may still be the honeymoon period but I’ve really enjoyed it thus far! I’ve become familiar with a few new bloggers. What’s different and most appreciated about this group is that many are where I want to be – in the published author category. I have had business articles published but nothing in the fiction arena.

On the first Wednesday of everything month, members write about their struggles and successes. Some have several titles published and some, like me, are working towards that goal. In any case, I am grateful for the support of like-minded people and have even committed to once again working on my 100-page struggling novel this weekend. I need to decide if it’s worth saving (and if so, where is my story arc headed). If not, perhaps it’s time to set it aside and create something new. Either way, I feel like I have renewed support and encouragement. And, I hope to be the same for others in the group.

If you are a writer or want to explore the possibility, check out the IWSG and visit the members’ blogs. You’ll find inspiration, solutions to issues you may have and you may find a few new books you’d like to read. Happy Friday!

If you’re interested in Celebrating the Small Things with the rest of us, each Friday, visit CTST to sign-up.


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    Welcome to the IWSG Diane. It’s a great group and I’m a founding member! I hope you get yourself out there! There’s so much to enjoy about the group.

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      Thanks, Denise! I appreciate your visit and comment.

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    IWSG is a wonderful group of people. They are so helpful and encouraging to all writers at whatever stage they are in. And the IWSG website is a treasure trove of information. It’s a community definitely worth celebrating!

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    I think it’s great that you’ve had things published. You’re further along than many, many other writers in that regard!


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      Thanks for visiting me and your comment. I appreciate the encouragement.

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    Welcome to the group! IWSG is an amazing mish-mash of people–all so supportive, understanding and helpful. It’s always a delight to talk to them…and amazes me time and again how wonderful they are.

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      Thanks for your comment and visit to my blog. I am really enjoying the group, and the variety of writers involved. So grateful to have found the group.

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