#AtoZChallenge: Fur

Ollie fur for web
Oliver, aka “Ollie, has some of the softest belly fur I’ve
ever seen or felt on a cat. He turned 12 this spring.
© by Diane Weidenbenner

If you own a cat, dog or other cuddly pet, you know there is just something sweet and blessed about fur.

Recently our dog, Hershey, got banned from the bedroom while my husband, Joe, and I sleep. If we’re watching TV or reading, Hershey is allowed in the bedroom and even (gasp) on the bed.

Something happens to him, however, when we fall asleep and he chews holes in our comforter, extracting the stuffing and carrying it around the house like it is a badge of honor.

Because Hershey is no longer allowed in the bedroom at night, our three, sometimes four sweet cats, who used to sleep near us before we adopted Hershey, are now enjoying the bedroom again, sans Hershey. Although most of the cats get along with him, he can choose to chase them around for entertainment purposes (his, not the cats) so a good night’s rest is not attainable.
Gracie fur for web
Gracie, a rescue cat that we just
couldn’t send back outside after she
was fixed. She’s about 9.
© by Diane Weidenbenner

A few weekend’s ago, I was reminded as I awoke in our bedroom with several of our cats on the bed that kitties have the best fur in the world. It’s soft, warm, clean (our cats stay indoors) and they like to cuddle so it’s abundantly available.

It was so comforting to wake up next to a purring, warm, soft bundle of fur (again, referring to the cats, not Joe, although Joe is pretty warm and cuddly too).

How many of you like to cuddle with your pets/animal family members?



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    Animals are amazing 🙂 My two Rottweilers sleep in my room (own beds, of course, or there’ll be no room for me) and it’s always comforting to wake up from a nightmare and just reach out to one of them and their soft fur. Happy A-to-Z-ing.

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      Yes, Rotties are awesome (and they take up a lot of room on the bed). My husband and I got a California King bed awhile back so there would be room for him. What we do for our animals!

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    I’ve been a volunteer at our local humane society for several years now, and always love having a houseful of pets. Some of the cats love to sleep with us (and all of the dogs did … which was challenging when there were two Dalmatians and an Australian kelpie!) but others are more independent.

    I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    Sharon E. Cathcart
    Award-winning Author of Fiction Featuring Atypical Characters

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    Considering I live in Hershey, I think that’s a great pet name! We don’t have any pets as of now, but our kids are wearing me down.

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    I have a soft spot in my heart for rodents, but don’t currently have any pets to share furry cuddles with. This brings back memories of bunny cuddles from my past. 🙂 Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could discover yours! 🙂

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    Banned from the bedroom, lol. Hope he has a chance to redeem himself.

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      Of course he’s snuck back in – we’re softies at heart! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good week!

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    Yes I wouldn’t be without my cats but they are not supposed to come in the bedrooms but of course they try to whenever they get the chance!! If I am really ill so I can’t get out of bed my husband sometimes allows my mother cat upstairs to visit me and curl up next to me on the duvet – her purring sends me off to sleep so she really is a tionic! There is no place better than a warm bed 🙂 Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

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      My friend has the same set-up as you – with the pets on the first floor but not allowed into the second-floor bedroom. We’d have a lot less to clean up if the dog and cats weren’t allowed in but once we started it, there’s no stopping them now 😉 Thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it and will return the favor.

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    I can relate. 🙂 No cats here, but we have dogs on the bed all the time. Thanks for visiting me at The Den. I’m adding your site to my feed reader. Nice setup you have!

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      Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I’m a day or two behind on the A to Z Challenge but I’m going to catch up. I like your blog and read it as often as I can. Have a good week!

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