#AtoZChallenge: Hummingbirds

© 2013 by Diane Weidenbenner

Now that spring has sprung, I can’t wait for the inquisitive, charming ruby-throated hummingbirds to return. Last year was the first year that we had a feeder and faithfully tried to keep it stocked with precious sugar water. We had at least two hummingbirds visit fairly regularly and they stayed quite late in the season last year.

In previous years, before we had a feeder, I’d go out front on our porch and was met by a friendly hummingbird, who would regularly visit at dusk. At first I thought it was a large dragonfly but I figured out that it was indeed a hummingbird and it would zoom in, at eye level, hover like a helicopter and then fly off to a butterfly bush or lilly plant.

We also have Rose of Sharon in our back yard and they’ve been known to visit me there as well, again at eye level. They are one of the smallest of bird species and yet they have one of the best personalities of any wildlife that we’ve experienced in Indiana.

© 2013 by Diane Weidenbenner

I’ve read where you can train them to eat out of your hand, but I don’t want them to become that familiar with me, in case Hershey is nearby and decides to try an eat one.

I’ll post new photos for this hummingbird season when they arrive. I think they pack pretty light, or else they wouldn’t be able to fly so fast!


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    Since we have moved to Cuenca, Ecuador we have been amazed at the hummingbirds here. They are quite large and you can easily see and hear them. Great for photos.

    D.B. McNicol
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