#IWSG: End-of-year musings

I can’t believe that it’s the first week of December and the end of the year (although those two things usually go together – ha!) This year has flown by, and so have some of my resolutions that I made at the beginning of 2017. I have not, as I planned, made time to write in my daily schedule. I feel bad about this which creates guilt which creates frustration, which does NOT motivate me. It makes me feel sorry for myself. Does this ever happen to you?

So, I have a 12-day vacation coming up around Christmas and my new end-of-year goal is to write a bit every day while I’m off of work. I’m going to carve out at least 1 hour each day to write at the computer or in a journal – whatever is convenient and keeps me on-task. I think I’ll have more success writing at night since I tend to be a night owl when I’m not working. I’d love to get into the habit of waking up an hour early to write but that just hasn’t happened and I’m learning that I need to be realistic.

What habits have you acquired to keep you writing, to reach your goal? Do you have a special time each day that you right? Or, do you grab a few minutes here and there which add up to you writing? Does it help to journal or write short blogs or are you working on a larger project like a novel? Let me know what works for you. And, pray that I’m able to keep my mini-commitment to write daily, beginning Dec. 21. It’s a busy time but it will also be good practice for when the new year starts and I’m back at work, but wanting to continue my habit of writing a bit every day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, fellow writers!


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    Hi, Diane! How lovely that you have a vacation coming up at Christmas time! It is such a busy and important time of year, and our personal lives should take precedence. I think you raised an important point in that writing doesn’t always have to be writing a novel or book. I consider journal writing, blogging, and other shorter forms of writing, writing. When I get discouraged with progress on my memoir, I remind myself that I still have been writing and creating. Every writer has to find the time and space for writing that works for him or her. We are all unique and there is no one right way to write. Now, if I could just tame life and the time management monster ~ LOL My favorite time to write is in the morning, once I’ve gotten the day started. I’m retired, so that makes it possible. Before retirement it was whenever I could cram something in. All the best to you and your family during the Holiday season, and good luck with your daily writing in December!

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    I write most days but have learned not to put a time/length to it. Some days it’s just a few minutes some days an hour or more. If I tell myself I will write for an hour every day it seems to sabotage the effort. There is enough time pressures without putting more on yourself. Just enjoy the exercise.

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