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Entry for November’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group:

If you enjoy writing, which I do, there is nothing in the world like the feeling of writing fiction. There is something magical that happens when I begin to think about a story idea, then imagine characters and what their lives might be like and then proceed with the plot. It’s my favorite aspect of being a writer.

I’ve written short stories and then, years later, re-read those stories and it’s like I’m reading them again for the first time. Some days I can’t believe that I’ve written them. Let me be clear – it’s not that the story I’ve written is that good. It’s not that I’m in awe of how great a writer I am. Not even close.

When I read something I’ve written, I hear my voice behind the words and it amazes me that our creative minds can, out of thin air, create something out of nothing. I’m sure painters or sculptors feel the same way as their idea gets brushed or chiseled into being. And, there is a freedom to writing fiction. My characters can have dark hair (I have strawberry blonde). My characters can own cool cars or travel to interesting places or wear high heels (something I’ve never been able to do, safely). I can name my characters whatever I want. If I decide I don’t like something, I can with the click of a few buttons change it to something else. I’m not limited but what I can personally do. The sky’s the limit. Does that make any sense?

I’ve worked since I was 15 years old and for the most part, I’ve enjoyed each opportunity I’ve had. When I work for someone else, I do what is asked of me, to meet a goal of my boss or organization, usually to earn a living wage. I can be creative to an extent but ultimately I am fulfilling a need of another person or company.

When I sit down at my computer and craft a story, I am writing for the sheer pleasure of it. I’m creating something new and I’m only limited by my creativity at the time. I’m not worried about being paid to produce something specific for someone else. I’m creating solely for myself and perhaps anyone else who might be interested in what I have to say. I can become engulfed with what my characters are going through. What hurdle they are trying to overcome. How they feel and what happens next. And, I can take the story in any direction I want. I’m not limited by money or space or power or energy. Time is sometimes my only constraint. That, and a barking dog that wants to go potty in the backyard.

Lastly, writing is something that is extremely personal. It belongs to me and my motivation is enjoyment, creative expression and possibly the fact that someone else might read it and enjoy it, too. My blog is an outlet for this when I don’t have time to contribute to my longer WIP. If I get my novel published, my motivation may change. I will need to make edits and revise my work so it better fits into a public product for sale. My hope would be that enough of “me” would survive in the editing process that I would still enjoy the process of creating – writing – the story.


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    I totally resonated with your reasons for writing. Oh, and this: That, and a barking dog that wants to go potty in the backyard. Ha! I’ve got three of them that hop like kangaroos when they want to go out.

    It’s great to hear reading your old writing creates a sense of wonder within you. In prep for NaNo, I read what I had written and it brought a smile to my face. I imagine it’s the same feeling. 🙂

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      I only have one dog (the four cats use the litter boxes 😉 Good luck with NaNo – I’m glad your WIP makes you smile. On to writing for the weekend!

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    What an uplifting post, Diane! I also love creating character names and changing the course of events with the tap of the computer keyboard. <3

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      Thank you for visiting my blog. It scares me how quickly I can change something in my writing/novel. Sometimes it’s a little too tempting. Have a great weekend!

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    You’ve done a very good job of explaining what you love about writing and why. I’m impressed you know yourself so well. That’s the way to happiness!

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      Thanks for visiting my blog. Fall seems to put me in the mood to write so I’m hoping for good writing time this weekend. Enjoy!

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    Love the way that you express that love. Thanks for visiting my site. Now following yours for more inspiration and encouragement.

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      Thanks for the visit and follow! We can use all the encouragement that we can get. Have a great weekend!

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    That’s one of my favourite aspects of writing too – the freedom, especially as a lot of our lives are so constrained by other factors. When I’m writing I feel like I’m in control. Thanks for your comment at my blog!

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    I feel similarly about writing. It is fun to go back and reread things I’ve written. As long as I’m not in the middle of the 50th edit of a piece, I do enjoy my stories.

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    You did a great job describing the wonder of writing – at least, that’s how I see it too.

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    Did you do the writing about grief because I can so identify with those feelings, but I could never express it so clearly or poetically. Your photos are remarkable. I have Becky’s camera and equipment which she used for a short time on freelance work. I have been trying this week to decide what to do with it. Would you, Diane, like to have it? If so, I would like like as I feel she would always be with you as you see with such clear understanding of the beauty around you, and share that with others in the world. We all need a smile or opportunity to enjoy “small moments” which are true gifts from God.
    Bless you in your endeavors.
    Diana I.

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      Thank you for your sweet note, Diana. I’ll contact you via email about your camera offer. I miss Becky and think of her almost every day. Blessings to you this holiday season!

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