IWSG: Have I ever surprised myself with my writing?

The answer to this month’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group question is a resounding yes!

You’ve heard it said that “Hindsight is 20/20”. This is true for my writing many times. Periodically, what I begin writing doesn’t at all resemble what is finally published. I start with an idea and let it evolve, based on my personal experiences. I’m also a photographer so I may take a photo and that helps form my blog or article.

There are also times when I go back and read a blog that I wrote awhile ago and I’m surprised. I’m surprised at how it started in one direction and ended up in an entirely different thought zip code. I’m also amazed at the emotion brought forth in my writing. It can be a form of therapy in that I find my voice about something that I didn’t know existed. Feelings can bubble up without warning, taking my writing to another level. It’s not always a good thing but it’s real and honest.

I’ve found it hard to write this summer because it’s been filled with loss. Writing about it seems trite and can in no way scratch the surface of my feelings.

As we head into fall, I look for a time of processing, of packing away those things that I can’t change or that I ungratefully wish for. I want to bring in the harvest of blessings that are all around me and celebrate!

Fall is my favorite time of year and a season of renewal. It’s the finale of spring and summer, with leaves turning to polished gold, fiery red and ripened orange.

Although I’ve experienced 55 autumns in my life, I’m always surprised at the beauty and splendor. My wish is to continue to write, surprise myself and perhaps delight my readers along the way.

Happy fall!


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    I think you are on the write track. I love how you couple your photography with your writing. 🙂

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      Thanks, Erika! Photography helps spark my creativity for writing, that’s for sure. Just need to find more time to do both! Good luck with your own writing goals.

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    Always learn so much from your insights!

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      Ahhh, thanks Sandy!

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    I hope you find your renewal this fall. Sounds like your heart needs it.

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      Thanks, Alex. I appreciate your kind words. The leaves have started to turn here so fall is coming! It’s my favorite time of year so I welcome it. Hope you had a good summer and that you experience a beautiful fall where you are.

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    This is the third or so blog where the author has mentioned that fall is their favorite time of the year. Mine too. We get a big change in the weather and different colored leaves. So many holidays to look forward too, plus I can write now that the kids are back in school. It is a wonderful time.

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      I’m glad you enjoy fall as well. Good luck with your writing! Thanks for visiting!

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