#IWSG: Pet peeves when reading/writing/editing

The question for today’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog hop is, “What are your pet peeves …”

The only pet peeve that I can think of is when writers misspell words or have typos in their articles. In this quick-publish, post-everything-to-the-web culture, it’s easy to find spelling mistakes in blogs, articles and even in printed pieces like magazines and newspapers these days.

I’m sure I am as guilty as others. I do my best to edit before I publish online and then proof my work again once it’s visible on the screen, in case I’ve missed something. Invariably sometimes things slip through the cracks. I wonder if because we text and message at the speed of light in the mobile world, if we’ve become more accepting of typos and carelessness in our writing. Even well-respected columnists make errors and don’t bother to fix them online. I admit that it drives me crazy!

The fact that we can publish something in the blink of an eye is not an excuse to overlook mistakes or spend less time editing our work. And, it does effect a reader’s comprehension. How many times have you received a text and, because of all the errors, you have no idea what it actually says?

For me, if you find errors in my posts and articles, please let me know! I want to correct them so I don’t drive other readers nuts. If you are a writer, please take the extra minute to review your work before publishing. It’s well worth it to those of us who otherwise enjoy your writing.


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    And the church said “Amen!”

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      Thanks for visiting! Hope you have a great rest of the week.

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    Everybody makes mistakes. And everybody has spell check. I agree with you though that the ease of publishing makes it easy to not take the time to edit properly.

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      I’m even surprised when I find mistakes in my writing when I know I’ve spent time carefully editing. It happens to all of us!

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