IWSG: What fuels our writing?

We recently experienced a loss in our family. Our cat of 12 years, Tikey, had to be euthanized because he had cancer and he was in pain.

I used to have trouble writing with so much emotion built up, but I find that it is now cathartic. I returned home from the vet and the words began to flow. It’s at those times that I write without a lot of editing or going back and reviewing, until I’ve gotten out all that I wanted to say. I also find that my writing seems better at these times. I’m not worried about what words to use or sentence structure. I’m concerned about getting my thoughts on paper. In being true to exactly how I’m feeling. Writing doesn’t miraculously make everything okay. But it does help me begin the healing process, and celebrate the importance of the experience, the person or in this case, a furry family member.

Photos are another instigator of my writing. I like nature photos especially and enjoy seeing the finished product after a photography session. I’ve seen one thing through the lens of my camera but what I experience as I download photos to my computer is sometimes a surprise. Composition in photography is similar to creative writing. I may start out with a plan to get several photos (or write a blog on a topic) only to see the finished work be something different. Discovering the finished photo or blog or story is at least half the fun.

It’s at these times that I feel I’m writing at my best. The words flow and I’m able to write exactly the way I feel and share a bit of humor or a poignant story without it coming out too schmaltzy.

What fuels your writing? Are there experiences that make it easier for your unique voice to come out?




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    I am so sorry for your loss; our pets are family members, absolutely. Writing can be a great catharsis during times like this.

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      Thanks for your comment, Sharon! I’ll visit your blog in a few minutes and do likewise. Have a great day!

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    I’m really sorry about Tikey. Our furry friends just don’t live long enough. I’m glad you were able to use some of that emotion to pour words onto a page.

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      Me too. Thanks for visiting, Alex. I really value this IWSG!

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