#AtoZChallenge: Kittens

Tikey at the point of adoption 😉
Photo © Diane Weidenbenner

There is something irresistable about kittens. Those small bundles of fur and purr are God’s gift and blessing to us. Even people who don’t like cats usually admit that kittens are adorable.

Kittens are small and cuddly. Their claws, while sharp, are usually tiny and therefore not painful and rarely penetrate skin or clothing. I love it when kittens yawn. Their faces scrunch up, they close their eyes and they show every single tooth in their head. And, their little pink tongues look like flower petals that have curled.

They are used to getting everything they want or need from their mama cats. They practice this behavior with you – the kneading with their front paws, their purring when you rub their bellies or under their chins. They can be running and jumping one minute and unconscious, napping, the next. And, they sleep wherever they fall, like their batteries ran out of juice.

When we got Tikey, he had a terrible respiratory infection. He showed up on the back porch of my friend’s house and she took him to the vet. I went just to meet him and fell in love with him, snotty nose and all.

Raja was rescued under
the wooden palettes at
Kroger’s grocery store.
Photo © Diane Weidenbenner

Although our cats are grown, each one still reminds me of when he or she was a kitten. Their personalities were formed at such an early age and although they age, they still do things that remind you of when they were little.

It took five people at rush hour at the gas pumps at Kroger’s grocery store to rescue and capture Raja. I worked hard to find her a home but God has other plans. She is now three year’s old and her personality is amazing. She’s 8.9 pounds and plays/races around the house with our 60-pound dog, Hershey – they grew up together. I think he can’t figure out why she stopped growing but he loves her all the same. And, she can’t figure out why Hershey got so big when our other “kitties” stopped their growth at about 15 pounds. Isn’t nature grand?!


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    I adore kittens! Yours are so sweet. It’s wonderful that you rescued little Raja and she’s still with you, having fun with Hershey (what a great name for a dog!). Have a great weekend!

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      Thanks for visiting! I’m a bit behind on the A to Z. Do you have any cats or dogs? We love ours – they are like our children since we don’t have any of our own. Hope you’re having a nice spring (if that’s the season that you all are in right now!)

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