Nothing “blue” about blueberries

I found blueberries on sale at the local grocery store and brought them home. I had a blueberry almond bar recipe that I wanted to try but could never find the time. We ate some of the blueberries on ice cream and they were awesome but the majority of them sat, washed, in the fridge. Over the weekend, my husband had a grand idea, “Why don’t you make a blueberry pie?” After getting a trusted recipe off of the Internet, I went to the store, got a few ingredients and made two pies. The house smelled like blueberry heaven after I put the pies on top of the stove to cool. Even the kitty cats were lounging around the house in a dreamy state of blueberry bliss. The pies were easy to make and I even made the little streusel crumblies on top – fancy! I figured I’d share one pie with my mom but I hoped the second pie wouldn’t go to waste. Not to worry! The first pie was gone in less than 24 hours. And, the cats didn’t even get a taste. I served the second pie for dinner with mom. She brought the ice cream. I didn’t even feel especially guilty when the pies were gone. Did you know that blueberries are antioxidant powerhouses? You can read up on all the great benefits of blueberries. I even talked about doing some canning like grandma used to do. She’d make a mean chili sauce. My mom finally asked at the dinner table, “What’s happening to you? Are you becoming a country girl or something?” 😉


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    I have fresh blueberries in my fridge waiting to be mixed into a pie also. Can't wait! I can almost smell the aroma of blueberry pie baking thanks to your descriptive post!

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