#AtoZChallenge: Wild-life in Indiana

Fish truck for web
Photo © Diane Weidenbenner

I went to Rural King recently in Terre Haute, Ind., and there was a “Fish” truck on the premises, selling young fish to people who have lakes, ponds, etc. They were stocking their bodies of water with crappies, blue gill, bass and a few other types of fish that I can’t remember.

In Colorado, where I’m from, it’s not uncommon for the mountain lakes, ponds and streams to be stocked for the season. I have just never seen a local truck, in town, selling bags of various kinds of fish to residents. My friend and I were so astonished to see it that we had to ask the buyers a few questions. They were a bit surprised but were willing to tell us what type of fish they were getting and that they were going to stock a lake that they owned.

Okay, just to be clear … they stocked their lake, and then they fished their lake. Seems like a sure bet to me. As you can see from the photo, they had about 10 or more bags of fish, with forced air added so the fish would survive to their destination. We want to give the fish a fighting chance, of course.

I thought about buying a bag of fish and putting them in our bathtub. It certainly would give our kitty cats something to do when I was at work all day. Probably not fair to the fish, though. My husband has been warming up the grill so I could see the teamwork of the kitties getting the fish, deboning it and taking their portion, and then handing the rest off to hubby Joe, to grill for dinner. Would this be considered take-out or delivery? Sounds like a fish story to me…


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    Definitely very fishy intentions you've got there 😀

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    I’m not much of fish eater and definitely not fisher woman. Wiggly fish creep me out and worms creep me out more. Interesting idea to stock your bathtub, though. I would call this self-serve. 🙂

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